Lead A Group

Becoming a Group Leader

Here at Good News, we believe in apprentice leadership.  To be a leader, we need to be a follower first. Just as the disciples followed Jesus before they were launched into ministry, so we need to humbly follow a leader, learn from them, and be developed.  All prospective leaders, regardless of their past ministry experience will be required to go through the apprenticeship process. This aids in maintaining purity in vision and mission, as well as execution of our process. 


An apprentice is identified as someone who has 3 main qualities: They are a doer, they are teachable, and they show spiritual velocity (not perfection, but pursuit and growth). 


Why we apprentice leaders: 

    • To equip and prepare them to be shepherds to his/her group
    • To invest in someone’s future as a disciple and disciple-maker, and to help someone grow in his/her calling.  
    • To make disciples. 
      • We need more leaders to make more followers, which in turn will make more leaders and so on. We must value multiplication, just like Jesus did. 


The basic apprenticeship process is: 

I do.

You do.

We do. 


As a Groups Leader, you will be able to: 

  • Be a self-learner and develop one’s self. 
  • Have a prayer life and be in the habit of submitting all you do to the Lord.
  • Be an active listener.
  • Be able to ask good questions. 
  • Reach out and connect with your Group members throughout the week.
  • Facilitate real, deep discussion.
  • Manage over-talkers.
  • Help Group members understand the importance of community
  • Help Group members catch the vision of Going. 
  • Own the responsibility of reproducing yourself. Be prepared to identify an apprentice to develop and launch. 
  • Understand how to utilize CCB for attendance, Group messages, etc. 
  • Have a clear vision and mission for your Group.
  • Be able to share your story in 3 minutes or less.
    • Why? Because people can not argue with what God has done in your own personal story. Because is glorified when we tell of what He has done in us. He uses it to draw people unto Himself… but if we ramble on and on, people start to glaze over and stop listening 


Before entering the apprenticeship process, you will need to make sure you have a Serve Team application on file and also fill out the Prospective Leader Application form.  Once these are submitted, the Groups Director will determine the Leader whom you will apprentice under and you will meet with the Groups Director to begin the process. 


Timeline: There is no set timeline for becoming a Groups Leader. Everyone goes through the process at their own pace based on their experience as well as the leading of the Groups Leader and the Holy Spirit.  


What we ask of the apprentice:

– An apprentice will actively participate in the group they are currently attending during the Leader Development Process and will actually lead it multiple times. Then will discuss how it went with their Coach/Leader

– An apprentice will visit a minimum of 3 other Groups. This way, the apprentice can be exposed to how other Groups function and can start developing their own ideas for how their future Group can take on its own feel and flavor.

– An apprentice needs to have practiced managing Group emails, communication, snack planning, and/or prayer requests, whatever your Group does as part of its normal function.


While apprenticing, you (the apprentice) need to develop a plan: 

  • What will my launch look like? Proposed timeline. 
  • Will I take part of the current Group with me? 
  • Am I taking over the current Group while the established leader moves on to start a new Group? OR am I identifying an apprentice and starting a brand new Group on my own?
  • What do I want the focus of my Group to be (sermon series, curriculum, open to anyone, just women, young adults, couples, etc.)?  
  • Logistics: when, where, how often, do I need to offer childcare, etc.


Once you and your leader determine it is time for you to launch: You will all meet with the Groups Director to confirm the launch of your group. We will at that time finalize the details for your small group card and any further new leader training deemed necessary. 


If a Young Adult apprentice: We have a YA protocol on dating/co-ed/relationships to be discussed together before launching