Lead A Group

Evaluation Questions To Ask Your Group

Want to evaluate your Group? Consider asking your members these questions. If you think your Group (or you!) would be more comfortable with anonymity, you can send them this form to fill out. I can make the form for you so you can just email your group a link and then you will receive the responses as they come in. 

  • Do you feel you have an opportunity to be heard as a part of your Group?
  • Are you satisfied with your level of participation?
  • Does the Group stay on topic?
  • What is an area of growth in your life that your Group is a key part of?
  • What do the leaders of your Group do to encourage positive Group dynamics?
  • What can we do to help create more consistency in the Group’s attendance?
  • What do the leaders of your Group do to hinder positive Group dynamics?
  • What could be done differently in your Group? 
  • What’s a practical next step you can take to mature in your faith? How can your Group leader help you make it?