Lead A Group

Expectations of a Leader

As a Good News Group leader, you are part of the process of shepherding the people God has entrusted to us. You are directly discipling people and helping them understand who God is and what His Kingdom is all about. We take that job very seriously, and we believe you do too!  Here is what we expect of our Group leaders: 


  • Pray for your Group members. They are entrusted to your care and spiritual covering. Pray over them and know what’s going on in their lives, their joys and their struggles, and bring them to God in prayer regularly. All the talking in the world isn’t as powerful as prayer!


  • Facilitate good discussions. You are leading others into a deeper understanding and awareness of God. Don’t be a lecturer, but a good question-asker. Don’t be afraid to push your Group a bit, asking challenging, thought-provoking questions which spur growth. 


  • Promote participation. Your consistency as a leader directly affects your Group members’ consistency. Lead by example; don’t cancel out of convenience but rather promote faithful attendance. Encourage everyone to talk as they feel comfortable. Make it safe to be real and unpolished. This will encourage everyone to show up and to participate, not just the talkers.


  • Identify and develop an apprentice. Jesus didn’t just sit back and enjoy His 12 best guys. He developed them and sent them out to keep the process going—disciples making disciples. We must reproduce ourselves to glorify God and advance His Kingdom. 


  • Attend leadership development events. At Good News, we call these Summits. We hold 4 every year and we expect all Group leaders to attend. We also regularly offer books and content to help you grow as a leader and a developer of people.  We fully hope that you will make use of the resources available to you to continue your growth in the Lord and as a leader. We can never stop learning!


  • Pray for and invite new members. Ask God to show you people who need a family, a mentor, or a safe place to grow. Every time we walk into a service, we need to look for the people God wants us to invite to our Group.  But don’t limit it to looking inside the church building. Who in your world would likely come to your home but never consider stepping foot in a church? They need to be invited to your Group! Pray for God to open your eyes, and then your mouth, to invite people to your Group.  


  • Lead your group in all 4 steps of our process. Make sure you Connect, Grow, Serve, and Go. People only grow as high as their leaders, or they will eventually level off, slide backwards, or find a new leader. We need to show them the value of connecting weekly in our services and prayer meetings, demonstrating that there is power in corporate worship. We need to lead them in community and in serving inside the church so that others can experience God during service, just like we do. And we need to lead by showing our Groups how to Go! We cannot give off the message that church and Group is just about us, to make our lives better and help us feel more secure in our eternity. Instead we need to clearly teach our Group members that we have been commissioned by Jesus to take this Good News that we have to the whole world.  We must create opportunities for our Group members to Go to all the world. 


  • Integrity. Be in private who you are in public. Be real. Be a man or woman of your word. Don’t carry the name of Jesus around like it is as casual as your favorite restaurant. Jesus should be evident in everything we do and say. Be a Christ-follower of integrity. 


  • Lead by example. “Follow me as I follow Christ” should be our motto. 


  • Model what a true disciple looks like. What did the twelve disciples look like? Were they perfect? Were they easily distracted? Did they fall asleep at all the worst times? Yes, but in their imperfect humanity, they hungered to learn more about Jesus. They wanted to be with Him. They gave up their lives to follow Him and become like Him. They gave up their future plans, their reputation, their perspectives, and their pre-conceived ideas about religion. They did all this because they were convinced to their core that Jesus was worth following, at any cost. Model this for your Group.


  • Bring concerning issues to your Coach or Groups Director for guidance. You do not have to handle tough situations on your own. We are here to help you and to meet the needs of your Group members together.


  • Be faithful and on time. Be on time to church. Be on time for your Group by being ready for your guests when they arrive. Be on time to your Serve Team and to any meetings you may schedule with your Group members. Be faithful and on time. When we model this, we model how to value people. 


  • Be available to those you serve and lead. Discipling doesn’t happen at a once a week or every two week Group meeting. Discipling requires sacrificial commitment to the long game. Text, email, schedule coffee or playdates, etc. with your Group members both as a group and one-on-one. Follow guidelines of men meeting with men and ladies with ladies, or make sure there are three or more people at your meeting for integrity’s sake. Invest in your people. Someone made the time to invest in you and helped make you who you are today. Be that person for someone else. 


  • Inspire confidence, safety, and reciprocity. Many people today have no idea how to cultivate real relationships, and social media can make relationships even more confusing. Inspire confidence in and model safe relationships to all of your Group members. The joy you receive from your relational investment in an individual will be seen by them, and create a desire to both reciprocate and cultivate that kind of real relationship with others.


  • Stay connected to God and sensitive to leading of Holy Spirit. Model this in your personal and ministry life. We need to make sure Holy Spirit’s voice is louder than our own, both in our own life and the lives of those we lead. 


  • Be teachable. Being a leader doesn’t mean we have somehow arrived. We should be lifelong learners. Always staying teachable models something powerful to our Group members. 


  • Be humble. A sensitive heart makes you a joy to be led by and a joy to lead.