Lead A Group

What Groups Look Like at Good News Church

We follow the example set for us in Acts 2:42-47. 

We are devoted to: 

The apostle’s teaching. The apostles planted the first churches and then prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers lead those churches. If the churches were devoted to the apostle’s teaching, then they were committed to following the person placed in the lead role of their “church.” We need to have the same commitment. This is submission to God’s heart, expressed through following God’s chosen leader over the body He has called you to serve in. This is serving the mission of the church. 

Fellowship. We encourage you to not only meet for formal study but also to do life together. Going out as a group, having a party, whatever it is you do together, is valuable community time and a part of leading. You learn a lot about your members over a pizza or competing in a friendly game of sand volleyball!

Breaking of bread. We encourage you to take communion together as a group. You are shepherding this group and we shouldn’t forsake remembering why we are meeting and Whom we are following. On a less spiritual note, we also encourage you to consider having snacks or maybe even a potluck together. Again, a lot of great discussion can happen around the dinner table. 

Prayer. This seems obvious, but it’s important to remember that we need to pray with and for each other. Make it safe for everyone to pray, no matter how new they are in their faith. Hold hands, lay hands on each other, pray out loud for each other, anoint with oil if the Spirit leads. Pray in the spirit. In a nutshell, pray!

Go back to the text in Acts 2:42-47.

Good News Groups also: 

Share with those in need. Meet the needs in your Group. Organize meals for new moms or in the event of surgeries. Babysit kids for the young or single parents in your Group. Help people move, pay a bill…these opportunities are endless.

Experience miracles. Watch expectantly for miracles and share with your Coach and/or Groups Director.

Worship at the Temple together. Attend special conferences, save seats and sit together. Go out to eat before or after church or a conference. Act like you know and like each other when you are at church.

Show generosity toward all who are in need (inside and outside of your Group). Again, kindness and generosity open hearts. You can never out-give God. Lead by example. 

Praise God and enjoy the goodwill of all the people. Go to your member’s baptisms and baby dedications. Give them opportunities to share what God is doing and how they’ve handled a situation differently than they used to; maybe they turned down a smoke or a drink that week, maybe they stepped out and “tried” tithing, or decided not to leave their spouse but to fight for their family. Celebrate the wins and victories together!

And the Lord added to their number daily. We must do the hard work of inviting and pursuing individuals. After that comes the even harder work of raising up leaders within our Groups and multiplying or birthing new Groups. This is done through Apprenticeship. To apprentice someone, we must be willing to relinquish control; let an apprentice lead, let them follow up with members, let them put together the schedule, start making some decisions about the Group, and spread their wings to begin their own Group. You must let them step out in their ability to hear the voice of God for your Group, and test it so they can step out and begin leading their own group.

Other guidelines specific to the vision of Good News Church:

Meet bi-weekly at a minimum. Be creative with this. Some Groups meet the 1st and 2nd weeks of the month, back to back. Others meet every other week, or even every week. Find what works for you and be consistent. 

Identify and develop an apprentice. We must value multiplication. Jesus didn’t keep His disciples to Himself; He sent them out. We must follow His example.

Welcome and invite new people, even from outside the church. We cannot successfully invite people for you. People will identify with you or someone else in your group, not a recommendation from someone else on the outside. Every time you are in the church building, pray that God would show you someone to invite. This should be a regular practice. Of course, there are also many people in your world who might never step foot in a church building, but would come to your home. Invite them!

Multiplication. Again, we can’t stress this enough. We have to multiply. In Acts 2, “the Lord added to their number daily.” If we want this to happen for us then we have to multiply ourselves so we have Groups to accommodate all those added to the faith. 

Go. Groups don’t just exist for us. They exist so we can be equipped and made stronger in our faith. When we’re equipped, we can be the feet that bring the Good News to the world. We must go to all people as a Group, to be an example to our Group of how easy it can be to bring love, hope, and salvation to the lost and hurting. Check out our Go Opportunities link and see what can work for your Group!